Dark Patterns, The Ratchet · Jacques Mattheij

The cumulative effect of all those little ratchets on your privacy is rather terrible, but there is no denying it: you were along for the ride and you had the option to ‘opt out’ at every step. Not just from that one dialogue: from all of them by refusing to use products that are fielded by companies that engage in these unethical practices. Say no to ‘The Ratchet’ and it’s sick family of dark patterns designed to little-by-little chip away at your privacy, kick products and companies like that to the kerb where they belong. That’s the only way to really opt out.

Quelle: Dark Patterns, The Ratchet · Jacques Mattheij

Dark Patterns ist sowieso ein interessantes Blog, dass „dunkle Patterns“ beschreibt, also Benutzeroberflächen und Prozesse, die so gestaltet sind, dass der Nutzer etwas zustimmt, dem er/ sie eigentlich nicht zustimmen will…


Die neuen Dienstleistungsbedingungen von Microsoft für Services wie Skype, Xbox Live, Bing, Cortana oder Cloud-Angebote untersagen beleidigende Äußerungen. Auch Pornos und explizite Gewaltdarstellungen sind künftig tabu.


Google löscht Pornos oder das, was sie dafür halten, Microsoft macht Moralfilter als Service. Dit is halt cloud.

Delve for android

… is useless – at least for me. We’re not an „all Microsoft“ kind of organisation. This way, it just shows if somebody had the time to save documents on our corporate sharepoint site. Yay…

[X] Uninstall

Google macht Dateien in drive unbrauchbar

Sex workers are reporting that their Google Drive files are mysteriously locked or vanishing.

Quelle: Sex Workers Say Porn on Google Drive Is Suddenly Disappearing – Motherboard

Google spielt mit dem Feuer – damit beweisen Sie, dass sie Zugriff auf die in drive gespeicherten Dateien haben. Der Gesetzgeber wird dann wohl demnächst fordern, dass google automatisch unerwünschte Daten löscht.


Backups are a good thing to have (although I keep screwing up the server I’m doing the backups on, but that’s another story).

For my Ubuntu systems I found „backintime“ which does a periodic backup and sends it to a local directory or server.

To keep things backed up on my NAS (Ubuntu based) I installed snapper, which does a snapshot of btrfs and zfs file systems. Be sure to add the right „ALLOW_GROUPS“ if you’re using it with Windows – that way, you can use the Windows „Previous Versions“ GUI to access previous versions on your samba network share.

„Dependency hell“ all over

Ubuntu MAAS, Snaps, LXD containers, conjure-up – just a few new names and packages within the „Ubuntu Universe“ to create, manage and handle cloud infrastructure.

It’s. A. Mess. Everything seems to be designed to run on it’s own, empty, fresh install of Ubuntu-something, automatically creating, installing, destroying things. And instead of a library/ package dependency hell, you are rewarded with a mount and network service dependency hell. And often with a „something failed, look at $logfile“ whereas $logfile tells you, that super-service-whatthefuckd could not be started since the address/ port is already in use.