OData – dead?

I am working with a software (TM1) that shifts it’s traditional, C-Based API to a REST-based, OData „compatible“ API. The API description is based on an XML file, the API calls are accepting/ emmitting JSON files.

The thing is: All exploration tools and services seem to be discontinued. The XOData Explorer is based on a chrome web app that is discontinued. The reference OData Explorer only understands the API version V3 (V4 is the latest standard). The metadata of the service I’m trying to use can not be viewed with the Visual Studio 2017 OData Connected Services. The proxy class generator only works with Visual Studio 2015 and older. The examples were hosted on CodePlex, which Microsoft discontinued in favor of github.

It doesn’t seem to be smart to develop a toolbox for the API based on the smell of rot concerning OData. But then, what choice do I have?